Love at first smell.
The story of how we started aer.

One fine afternoon, a cupid landed on our window. We don’t know why he chose to visit us. But as we sat by the fireplace, he raised his bow and shot the most beautiful arrow ever. It was headed straight for our hearts.

But then something unexpected happened. The arrow changed its course mid-air and struck our noses. And right then we knew it. We had always been in love with fragrances. So, we started aer.

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aer pocket

With the launch of aer pocket bathroom freshener, bathrooms became happy and how! And their happiness was broadcasted through a hilarious TVC, digital videos and social media.

Godrej aer pocket
January, 2016

The royal members of our family,, made a royal entrance into the digital and real world in December, 2015. Available in click & twist, these car fresheners look and smell like royalty. Just like us :)

godrej aer products
December, 2015

It’s a tough task to remind people to #changetheaer after every 60 days. Not to mention preachy. But thankfully, the dashboard pieces, Bobblehead and Hula Girl, sprang into action and helped us through YouTube and social media!

godrej aer products
August, 2015
national fragrance day

On National Fragrance Day, we created quite a stir on social media as we asked people to vote for their favourite fragrances from around the earth. Not so surprisingly, the fragrance of damp earth was voted as the National Fragrance of India on March 21’st, 2015.

March, 2015
bright.tangy.delight launch

After,, musk.after.smoke and, allow us to introduce our new car fragrance, bright.tangy.delight. It’s bright, delightful and consistent. Just like us :)

car fragrance products
February, 2015

Pinto is a street dog. Tara is a high society pigeon. And Sunny is an old, wise tree. On December 2nd, National Pollution Prevention Day, they came together in our latest campaign to give a simple message: While Godrej aer can change the air inside your car, you can change the air outside by renewing your PUC on time.

car perfume
December, 2014
launch of violet.valley.bloom and morning.misty.meadows

In July 2014, we asked our fans and followers on Twitter and Facebook to share their travel experiences and inspire us to create our next amazing fragrance. But since we couldn’t fit their experiences in one can, we created two new home fragrances.

viollet valley bloom spray
October, 2014
aer gets ranked as the 11th most trusted brand

Economic Times ranks Godrej aer as the 11th most trusted brand in the Home Care category. So we order 50 boxes of tissue paper. After all, it's a teary-eyed moment for us. *sniff*

about us
October, 2014

We asked our social media fans to share their travel experiences with us. This inspired us to create our next amazing fragrance.

room fragnance
July, 2014
general election campaign

As the entire nation waited in anticipation to witness the election of our new government, we decided to run our own little campaign on Facebook and Twitter. To ease the tension of course.

about us
May, 2014
brainstorming workshop

We organized a brainstorming workshop to come up with our next amazing fragrance. When we came out of it, we had a big light bulb floating above our heads.

godrej aer products
May, 2014
aer in air, rail and road

Indigo Airlines, Indian Railways and EasyCabs began to use aer in their planes, trains and cars. Yes, we’re changing the air, one mode of transport at a time.

godrej aer
April, 2014
launch of click gel

History repeats itself, but not entirely. Now, even aer click comes with clever gel technology. Even they’re spill-proof. And even they keep your car consistently fragrant for 60 days.

godrej aer products
February, 2014
we bought a new water cooler

A fancy new water cooler, to be precise. It has a built-in MP3 player and takes active part in water cooler conversations.

godrej aer products
January, 2014
meet Scent-a-Claus

For the first time in the history of Christmas, Scent-a-Claus decided to make his first public appearance. We were lucky he chose our Facebook page to do that.

godrej history
December, 2013
twist gel TV commercial

TVC of aer twist gel went on air. Starring a young man, a handsome car, an adorable dog and a breathtaking aer twist fragrance. Drinks on the house, everyone!

godrej aer products
December, 2013
aer gets listed as Maruti genuine accessory

Trusted by car owners and manufacturers alike. We like the sound of that. And the smell of it too.

best car perfume
November, 2013

musk.after.smoke refreshes the air after you smoke. Although we suggest you quit smoking and just enjoy the fragrance. Presenting the world’s first crowd-sourced twitter song that goes: Don’t… smoke… becaauuse. Sing along.

godrej history
October, 2013
we bought a new painting

No, we are not art connoisseurs. But the walls in our lobby were feeling lonely.

godrej history
September, 2013
launch of twist gel

aer twist car fragrances now come with a clever gel technology. So they’re spill-proof. They also keep your car consistently fragrant for 60 days. Let’s hear it for science.

home décor
August, 2013
say hello to musk.after.smoke

We returned from the Himalayas without enlightenment, but with an amazing new fragrance.

car perfume
May, 2013
to newer heights

We went to the Himalayas to find new fragrances. And some enlightenment.

home accessories
March, 2013
aer click, now also in pink

Until now, only aer twist and aer spray came in But after the fragrance received much love, we introduced aer click in pink too.

godrej aer products
February, 2013
our first TV commercial went on aer

We released our first ever TVC, starring a young man, a handsome car and aer click fragrances. More pizzas!

godrej history
December, 2012
team building

We went on a team building trip. It was a BYOS trip (Bring your own sandwiches).

godrej history
October, 2012
first ad

We announced our love to the world by releasing our first ad. Pizzas for everyone at work!

September, 2012
we joined Facebook and Twitter

Our R&D team worked hard to make our page the world’s first fragrant social media page.
So, don’t be surprised if we ask you to smell your screen someday.

July, 2012
product launch

We launched aer click, aer twist and aer spray. And made them available in, and Three incredible fragrances!

godrej aer products
July, 2012
in the beginning there was aer

Cupid struck our noses. We fell in love and decided to create home and car fragrances.
We named ourselves aer.

godrej history
June, 2012