Godrej Aer - FAQs

Where can I buy my favourite aer products?

aer products are available in grocery and departmental stores across India.
aer products are also available with multiple online retailers like Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal. Browse our products or fragrances to know what you can buy.

Are refills available for aer products?

Refills are available for all 6 fragrances of Godrej aer click.

You can find them on online retail sites like Flipkart, Amazon India and Snapdeal or at any local grocery or departmental store.

How many aer fragrances are available?

Home fragrances by aer are available in 6 designer fragrances: petal.crush.pink, musk.after.smoke, fresh.lush.green, violet.valley.bloom, misty.morning.meadows, and cool.surf.blue.

Our car fragrances, aer click and aer twist, are available in 6 designer fragrances: rich.irish.cocktail, bright.tangy.delight, petal.crush.pink, musk.after.smoke, fresh.lush.green, and cool.surf.blue.

Our aer pocket bathroom fragrances are available in 3 amazing fragrances: bright.tangy.delight, violet.valley.bloom, and morning.misty.meadows.

How long do aer fragrances last?

Our range of car fragrances, aer click and aer twist, last consistently up to 60 days under normal humidity and temperature.

Our range of aer pocket bathroom fragrances last consistently up to 30 days under standard test conditions.

Whom do I contact regarding feedback about aer?

We at aer care about our customers. And we would like to take your feedback. Both the good and not-so-good ones.

Write to us here. We promise that you will hear from us as soon as.


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