6 car etiquettes that can earn you brownie points

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Shuttling around in cars has become a major part of our daily commute these days. And since we spend so much time in the car, it won’t hurt to know a few simple car etiquettes that will help you earn brownie points.

When you borrow a friend’s car

First of all, don’t borrow someone’s car unless they offer it to you. And if you do make sure to return it with a full tank even if you have driven a short distance. But if you are truly looking to impress them, return it with a Godrej aer car fragrance on the dashboard.

Keep a car charger handy

The last thing you want on a long road trip is to run out of battery on your phone. Keep a car charger around and be a thoughtful host to your passengers as well. And we are sure they will appreciate it just like the way they appreciate the Godrej aer car fragrance on your dashboard.

Pay up when you carpool

If you carpool and money is involved, be prompt in paying. This doesn’t put the car owner in an awkward situation to ask for the money. While you are at it, appreciate the Godrej aer car fragrance in the car.This is sure to put a smile on their face.

Don’t, we repeat, don’t be a back seat driver.

The person driving the car knows how to and has also noticed the cow crossing the road. So unless you see the driver distracted, don’t distract them. Why don’t you enjoy the mesmerising fragrances of Godrej aer car fragrances instead?

Clean up after yourself

Don’t open the bag of chips you‘ve been wanting to all day in someone else’s car. Before eating or taking a sip of your coffee, ask for their permission first. But your coffee, unlike godrej aer car fragrances, isn’t spill-proof. So if you spill, be a sweetheart and clean up.

Being a responsible shotgun

When you are riding shotgun, next to the driver, be aware of a couple of responsibilities. Be the DJ of the car and just to be polite take requests. If someone at the back needs something from the front, be kind enough to pass it to them. And if everyone’s seated and the Godrej aer car fragrance is turned off, well, you know what to do.

These simple thumb rules aren’t written down anywhere (except here). But it’ll sure get you a lot of brownie points from your passengers or driver.


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