7 little known facts about the sense of smell

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1. In the beginning, there was smell.

The sense of smell is developed before any of the other senses are formed. Which means, even babies will be able to smell (and appreciate) Godrej aer home and car fragrances!

2. Goodnight, human

Ever wondered why you don’t pick up scents while you sleep? That’s because while the sense of touch and sound are active during sleep, the sense of smell gets diminished. So even if the most amazing fragrance of Godrej aer fills the room, you may not be able to get a whiff of it while you’re fast asleep. True story.

3. Say ‘Bye bye blues’ with Godrej aer’s cool.surf.blue

A good fragrance can instantly make you feel better. So whenever you feel low, spray a bit of your favorite room freshener (we recommend Godrej aer’s cool.surf.blue and feel the difference in your mood. And room.

4. Two sides of a scent

We have secret scent spots that pick up a certain fragrance and leave the rest. A room freshener can smell like roses to one and rain to the other, both being right!

5. What-the-smell!

It’s our brain that actually smells things, not our nose. Strange, huh?

6. Give your nose a break, please.

Your nose can get bored with certain scents if you smell them for a long time. But that doesn’t happen with Godrej aer fragrances, of course.

7. We don’t usually discriminate between men and women, but when we do

It’s when women have a better sense of smell than men. And guess who Godrej aer’s loyal customers are?


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