9 things that can make every drive pleasant

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We all love going on long drives in our car. It gives us an opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, with the gentle breeze caressing our hair. The pure sense of freedom the road provides is a feeling that is unbeatable. For any drive to be comfortable, there are certain things which every car must have.

Read on to know, how car air freshener and other essentials will make your journey more enjoyable.

1. Reliable GPS:

Nowadays, one cannot think of travel without a GPS. Whether we are going somewhere nearby or starting on a long distance journey, the first thing to do is set the GPS right. A GPS comes in handy when we are stuck in traffic or have lost our way. So whenever you are embarking on a journey, make sure you have a reliable GPS and high-speed mobile internet. 

2. Car and Driving Documents:

It is very important that you keep all the car documents and your personal details like driving licence and ID papers in the car at times. You never know when they will be required during an emergency.

3. Water/Refreshments:

Always keep water and some refreshments in the car, even on a short journey. This becomes even more important when you travel during rush hours and don’t know when you might feel hungry. Refreshments are necessary if you are travelling with kids as they may feel hungry often.

4. Car Equipment:

No matter whether it's your daily commute or a journey, make sure that all the car equipment is packed. This must include a spare tire, flares, tire-pressure gauge, sand shovel (you may need it) and most importantly, the car manual. These will be helpful in case your car breaks down in traffic!

5. Neck pillows/Bed sheet:

If you are driving with family or friends, remember to pack neck pillows and spare bed sheets to make the journey more comfortable. While neck pillows help ease the strain of the travel, bed sheets come handy during an overnight stay.

6. Air Fresheners:

Rush hours can be stressful especially on Monday mornings but the right fragrance will instantly improve your mood. Godrej aer comes in a range of fragrances to make your drives more pleasant.

7. First-aid kit:

It is always advisable to have a first-aid kit handy during a trip in case of emergencies.

8. Torch/Candles:

These may come in handy during nights of travel or when the mobile battery is down.

9. Cleaning materials:

Carry cleaning cloths to keep the car clean during the long journey. You can also keep wet wipes and tissues to wipe your hands after that mid-drive snack.

With all these things in place, and your Godrej aer Click installed, you’re more than ready to make every drive of yours pleasant and smelling good!


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