Must haves for a perfect date on a drive

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Cars are not only convenient to get from one point to the other. They can serve a variety of other purposes. While some people enjoy taking long drives to relax, some people take short rides to refresh their minds and take little breaks.

Cars also serve as an excellent location for dates! Sometimes, a long drive is just what a couple needs to clear their minds and get a great conversation flowing. Besides, a car serves as a perfect blend of isolation while still being within the flow of the world. There are a few items, which when carried in a car, can ensure that the date goes doubly well. Here is a list of some such items!

1. Chocolate box:

Chocolate is known to inflame passions, and it is the perfect icebreaker item to have on hand. Also, who can resist good chocolate anyway? A box of decently priced chocolates will convey to your date how seriously you take them while also ensuring enthusiasm for the drive at hand. It is good to have something to munch on in the car as well, for if the drive is pleasurable and the company decent, why would anyone want to break the illusion by stopping for some snacks on the way?

2. Well maintained car:

A car speaks a lot about its owner, and you will be naive to assume that your date is not scrutinising every aspect of your appeal (includes personal hygiene and manners as well!), especially if it’s the first date. You must ensure that your car looks as good as (hopefully) your date does! Take it for a wash and get it thoroughly cleaned. Put away all items that are not required (shoes, bags, etc.) out of the car and instead have a few things like tissues and a water bottle at hand. Make sure that you have adequate fuel and the engine is running smoothly. You need to set a good impression on your dates after all.

3. Good air freshener:

A good air freshener is mandatory, period! We live in a subtropical country with a billion residents. There is pollution and dirt right outside the car and those smells can quickly enter the car and settle. There is no greater turn off than the bad smell, and if the car interior smells terrible, chances are the date won't go too well. If you're taking a date on a long drive, you must ensure that your car smells pleasant, else the ride which was to be entertaining and joyful will become downright unbearable.

4. Good Music:

A great playlist can act as a wingman when on your date. The right songs help set the mood and increase the level of comfort between you and your partner. This is also a great way of knowing whether your partner and you similar tastes in music. Music can also be a conversation starter if you're both into the lyrics or just the music.

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