Where to hang your Godrej aer power pocket?

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Nobody can deny that Godrej aer power pocket smells amazing and is blessed with the good looks to go with it. So, we wouldn’t blame you if you wanted to hang it in the hall of fame. However, we strongly insist that it be hung in your bathroom. After all, it is a bathroom fragrance. But if you still want to spruce things up and give it a special spot, these places get our recommendation.

1. The towel bar:

By hanging Godrej aer power pocket on the towel bar, you give it the opportunity to not only save your clothes from perilous waters, but also be a shining pedestal for your favourite bathroom fragrance. Plus, your towel will smell great.

2. The shower-head:

Another great, albeit unusual, place to hang your bathroom freshener. Simply hang Godrej aer power pocket on the neck of your showerhead to remind yourself of mountains and tangy delights, every time you shower. Take care to keep it away from the water, though.

3. In front of the bathroom mirror:

We know that you love the fragrance of Godrej aer power pocket so much, that you’d hang two of them at once. While nothing can stop you from doing that (except, maybe, the thought of a great bathroom fragrance being used up twice as fast), you can make it look like you have two of them by hanging it in front of your mirror. Double the bathroom freshener, double the happiness!

4. Beneath your decorative lamps:

If your bathroom has decorative lights, it’s time to put them to good use. Hang your Godrej aer power pocket right beneath them to give it the spotlight it deserves. What a great way to enjoy your bathroom fragrance, while treating it like royalty!

5. On your door knob:

When you hang Godrej aer power pocket on your doorknob, you will be greeted with its amazing fragrance. Every time you get in and out of your bathroom. And who wouldn’t want that? But don’t worry. It will never get in the way, moreover its power gel technology ensures that the fragrance lasts for up to 30 days.

Now, you know a few great places to hang the best bathroom freshener. You’re welcome.


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