Which fragrance fits your personality?

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Fragrances are an important part of our lives. They can transform the feel of our homes and even act as mood-lifters. But with so many Godrej aer fragrances in the market, it’s tough to pick the one that captures your essence best. Well, not anymore. Simply find your personality in the list below and we’ll tell you!

1. The beach hottie:

You dream of the waves as you sleep. And you love the spirit of adventure you feel, especially when you’re at the beach. If you adore the sea and everything blue, you’ll enjoy the scent of surf.blue.

2. The romantic:

You hear violins when you see your special someone. And it makes you happy to keep your better half happy. If you’re in love with the idea of being in love, try out our fragrant crush.pink.

3. The socialite:

You love to organise social gatherings that will never lack in class and style. If your home has a Van Gogh or two, then, irish.cocktail would be the perfect scent for you.

4. The poet:

You love long walks in open meadows and listening to the sound of brooks in solitude. If nature is your favourite person, the scent of misty.meadows will make you feel right at home.

5. The gardener:

You are a perfectionist, constantly pruning something or the other. Whether it’s your garden or your home. Chances are, your home looks like it’s out of a magazine. If tidy and fresh is your habit, get lush.green.

6. The optimist:

You always look at the bright side, even in impossibly tragic situations. You’re cheerful, zesty and know how to make people feel at ease. Your perfect fragrance would be tangy.delight.

By now, you should have found the one Godrej aer fragrance that truly captures your essence. But we doubt that will stop you from trying them all out! Share this with your friends and find out what their perfect fragrances are!


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