5 Tips to keep your car smelling fresh

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Don't you just love that new car smell? 

Alas, while driving us from one place to another, many other activities take place within those four doors of a car – munching on food, taking pets to the vet, bringing kids home from school, buying groceries and vegetables for your home, to name a few.

All these routine activities lead to the car getting dirty and smelly. However, the good news is that at the end of the day, there’s hope for smelly cars. Keeping your car smelling fresh is now at your fingertips! With just a Godrej aer Twist and these tips, you keep your car smelling fresh all day long.

1. Keep your car clean

Rather than trying to get rid of the bad odour, try to keep your car clean from the start. A clean and good smelling car will always be visually and aesthetically appealing. Removing bad smelling items and clearing the car regularly will result in a car that smells fresh.

Rather than dedicating a day over the weekend like Saturday or Sunday for cleaning, make it a habit to clean on an everyday basis. It needn’t be anything elaborate; you can spend 10 minutes to dust the mats, remove the junk, de-clutter, wipe the dashboard and tidy up the space. This will ensure that the car smells and stays clean.

2. Eating and smoking in the car

Similarly, eating and smoking in the car will result in the fresh air going right out the window. Odours have the habit of embedding themselves into the upholstery hence, the smell tends to linger. Smoking cigarettes leave a trace which will linger for a long time, so it’s best to smoke outdoors or better yet, quit smoking altogether as it is injurious to not only your health but is injurious to the health of your loved ones as well!

Sometimes you may be somewhere with no eatery in sight so you will have to eat in your car. This may cause crumbs of food to get deposited which later can cause bad smell. To avoid this you can keep a plastic sheet in the car and spread it out whenever you take a snack break. This will avoid food going into crevices and all the crumbs can easily be disposed off with just a flip of the sheet. 

3. Keep the insides dry

Moisture from outside can cause mould in the vehicle over time. This mould will not only make your car smell funny, but it’s also bad for your health. So, always keep the windows rolled up when it’s raining, repair any leaks and clean any moisture that collects in the car immediately.

4. Use baking soda

Baking soda is a proven solution to remove car odours. Just apply it in the car and leave it overnight. It will get rid of any stench and you can quickly vacuum it in the morning.

5. Keep your car smelling good with Godrej aer

A breath of fresh air doesn’t hurt anyone, especially if it’s Godrej aer Twist and it smells like rainbows and butterflies or all things heavenly. Buy an automatic fragrance dispenser of your choice and replace it on a regular basis so that the smell remains fresh and new. This doesn’t mean you ignore the above steps. A combination of both cleaning and a good air fresher is your winning hand!

These are some simple ways which you can execute even on the busiest of days and turn your used-car funky smell to a new-car fresh aroma.


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