Incense + Rose GiftPack Combo

₹ 698 ₹ 558.40 Incl. of all taxes

There are so many ways that Godrej aer fragrances can brighten up your mood and your home. And with this pack, you have all of them. Get your pack and enjoy the fragrances in all the ways you possibly can.

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A pack that packs in so much…

  • Premium home fragrances
  • Each pack contains: 4-in-1 incense sticks, a ceramic fragrance vaporizer, fragrance oil, candles and pot pourri. Basically, all that’s nice and amazing.
  • Available in Rose, Jasmine and Lemongrass for all kinds of fragrance preferences

What all can you do with this amazing combo?

This pack has so much to offer and we don’t know what to pick. Here are just a few ideas we could think of. But feel free to use these amazing fragrances in your own amazing way.

A birthday gift: Is a birthday round the corner? Spring an amazing surprise with a gift that smells as happy as a ‘Happy Birthday’ wish can be.

Housewarming gift: Because this pack comes with so many ideas to make a home smell amazing, from Day 1.

Date night winner:

Sets the mood to ‘amazing’. And then, you can take it from there.

Corporate event giveaway:

One amazing hamper of fragrances that looks just as good as it smells. What’s more, it has something for everyone. 

Festive fragrance: Brightens up every celebration at your home, and how!

Christmas saviour: Just the kind of gift that’ll leave everyone wondering, ‘Whoa! Who is this amazing Secret Santa?’

It’s all yours: Honestly, we wouldn’t judge if you choose to enjoy the fragrances all by yourself. Because let’s face it. They are so amazing that letting go can be tough!


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Incense + Rose GiftPack Combo